Purchase advice

Home buying advice provided by a real estate agency is a service dedicated to those who wish to sell their property. A professional real estate agency offers specialized support throughout the sales process, guaranteeing expert and personalized advice.

Here is how the purchase consultancy service offered by a real estate agency generally works:

Property evaluation: we evaluate the house being sold, taking into consideration various factors such as its location, characteristics, state of maintenance and the local real estate market. This evaluation helps determine an appropriate and competitive price for the sale.

Advertising and marketing: we actively promote the property through various marketing strategies. This may include the creation of captivating advertisements, publication on real estate portals, the use of social media and promotion within the agency’s own network of contacts. The goal is to maximize the visibility of the property and attract potential buyers.

Visits and negotiation: we organize visits to the property for interested potential buyers. The real estate agent is responsible for presenting the home in the best possible way, highlighting its distinctive features and answering questions from buyers. Furthermore, the agency takes care of the negotiations with the buyers, trying to get the best price and the best conditions for the seller.

Document management: we support the seller in managing all the documentation necessary for the sale. This includes the preparation of sales contracts, verification of ownership documents, management of administrative procedures and legal assistance during the process.

Personalized advice: we offer personalized advice based on the specific needs of the seller. The real estate agent provides advice and recommendations based on his experience in the real estate sector, helping the seller to make informed and strategic decisions.

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