The searches can include different aspects, depending on local regulations and the specific requests of the buyer. Some of the key points that are considered include:

Cadastral certificates: These certificates offer fundamental information on the property, such as its cadastral identification, surface area, intended use and location. They also provide details of any mortgages or third-party rights on the property.

Mortgage certificates: These certificates allow you to verify whether mortgages or other types of encumbrances have been registered on the property, such as foreclosures or seizures. This is important to assess whether the property is free of charges or if there are any debts that could affect its sale.

Town planning certificates: These certificates concern the town planning regulations and building permits of the building. They allow you to check if the property complies with building laws and if all the necessary permits for its construction or renovation have been obtained.

Judicial mortgage certificates: In the event of legal proceedings or real estate executions in progress, these certificates make it possible to identify any foreclosures or forced sales of the property. This is important to ascertain that the property is free from pending litigation or legal issues.

Environmental surveys: In some cases, environmental surveys can be carried out to verify if there are situations of land pollution or environmental disputes that could affect the real estate transaction.

We take care of obtaining and analyzing these searches from official and competent sources, such as the cadastre, land registry offices or other competent authorities. Once all the information has been collected, we make it available to the buyer to allow for an accurate evaluation of the property.

Through the search service, we offer buyers greater security and transparency in the real estate transaction, helping to identify any problems or obstacles that may arise during the home sale process.

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