Cadastral and urban planning compliance

Cadastral compliance refers to the correct registration of the property with the Agenzia del Territorio or the Land Registry Office. This verification ensures that all information relating to the property, such as dimensions, intended use and cadastral category, are correct and up to date. We can collaborate with a qualified technician to obtain the necessary documentation and verify that the property is correctly registered in the Land Registry.

Town planning compliance, on the other hand, concerns the compliance of the property with local planning rules and laws. This verification ensures that the property has been built in accordance with the building permits issued by the relevant authorities. We can request and analyze building permit documentation, such as planning permission or planning permission, to ensure the property complies with all planning requirements.

Through this service, the real estate agency takes care of collecting all the necessary documents and carrying out the appropriate checks to ensure that the property is in order from a cadastral and urban planning point of view. This offers greater security and peace of mind for both the seller and the buyer, reducing the risk of future property compliance issues.

It is important to underline that è-Kasa acts as an intermediary and collaborates with competent professionals, such as surveyors or architects, to carry out checks and provide an accurate analysis of the cadastral and urban planning compliance of the property.

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