Home asset management

This service aims to take care of all administrative, financial and operational matters related to the rental of the property, allowing the owner to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment without the daily burdens and responsibilities.

Here are some key aspects of the home wealth management service:

Advertising and tenant search: We take care of advertising the property through various channels, such as real estate websites, classified ads, social media and contact networks. We select tenants through a rigorous screening process, including background rental and reference checks.

Contracts: we take care of the preparation of the rental contract in accordance with local laws and regulations. This ensures that the contract is valid and contains all the clauses necessary to protect the rights and interests of the owner.

Rent Collection: We take responsibility for collecting monthly rent payments from tenants and handling any late or non-payment payments. This relieves the landlord from having to personally follow up on the financial aspects of the rent.

Maintenance and repairs: we coordinate the maintenance and any necessary repairs to the property. We respond to tenants’ inquiries regarding technical issues or maintenance work and take care of finding reliable and affordable service providers to carry out the necessary work.

Supervision of the property: we carry out regular inspections of the property to verify the general conditions, identify any problems and ensure that the tenants respect the clauses of the rental agreement. This helps preserve the long-term value of the property and maintain a positive relationship with tenants.

Legal assistance: In the event of legal disputes or complex situations related to the rental of the property, we provide legal assistance or advise you to contact professionals in the sector to resolve the problems.

Accounting Processing: We keep track of all financial transactions related to the rental of the property and provide the landlord with regular and detailed reports on the financial situation, including income and expense reports.